Virginia Tech

SKOL Search: Best Remaining Players

With the first round finally behind us, there are still a lot of talented players left on the board. Like every other year, there are always a few top players that find their way to round two for one reason or another. Because of that, there are steals that can be had at the top…

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SKOL Search: Christian Darrisaw Scouting Report

100-95 All-Pro Early Round One 94.99-90 Pro Bowler Mid Round One 89.99-85 Day One Starter Late Round One 84.99-80 Potential Starter/Early Contributor Round Two 79.99-75 Potential Starter/Early Contributor Round Three 74.99-70 Spot Starter/Special Teams Day One Round Four 69.99-65 Backup/Special Teams Round Five 59.99-55 Backup/Special Teams Round Six 59.99-55 Potential Backup Round Seven 54.99- Practice…

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SKOL Search: Caleb Farley Scouting Report

When roster construction is talked about amongst Vikings fans, probably the two biggest positions that have the most debate are offensive line and cornerback: we don’t focus enough on the offensive line and have spent too much draft capital on cornerbacks. While I think there are good arguments for and against both points, I am…

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