Climbing The Pocket: Episode 02 – Draft Day 1 Editor’s Note – Click here for Stitcher.  iTunes coming soon. In this episode: Draft Day 1 recap Yinka talks offense going early and DBs being pushed down Jayson talks about how Day 1 went well for Vikings fan (apologies for impending disappointment) Myles agrees with Jayson and expresses surprise no one traded into back […]

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Inspired by Zach Whitman, Justis Mosqueda, Rotoviz, BJ Reidell, Arif Hasan, Notorious B.I.G., and Easter, I present: #DraftCommandments* *please note, the “commandments” are really more like guidelines…      Trade back often to acquire more chances to pick. Everyone is bad at the draft.  In 2015, Hogs Haven analyzed the performance of NFL teams in the […]

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Sam Bradford: Butterfly Effect

We are just mere hours away from the 2017 NFL draft and here we are Vikings fans, having to wait (unless Rick Spielman decides to do something bat shit crazy) until Friday to select our 1st draft pick in the 2nd round (#48 overall). It is going to drive us all nuts having to wait […]

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The Replacements

The Replacements  The average career of a player in the NFL is 3.7 years. Chad Greenway was drafted in 2006, missed his rookie season due to an ACL tear, but has been a lock at the positon ever since. We have watched him grow from the rookie, to stud linebacker, to the vet and 11 […]

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NFL Draft Deep Dive

NFL Draft Deep Dive –––––– Myles Gorham It’s finally here!  The 2017 NFL Draft is just a few days away. The Minnesota Vikings first pick doesn’t come until the middle of Round Two on Friday (Pick 48).  With that pick, there have been a lot of rumors and opinions that the team should go best […]

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Climbing the Pocket: Episode 01 – [untitled] Editor’s Note – Please forgive the audio quality; we are a work in progress. As soon as Google teaches me how, I’ll submit to iTunes and Stitcher.  Thanks for listening. In this episode: This podcast will happen more often than “annual” We introduce ourselves* We work through our difference of opinion on Joe Mixon […]

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The NFL offseason is in full swing.  The memories of the most dramatic Superbowl in recent times have started to fade away (unless you’re a Falcons fan).  The Scouting Combine has transformed unknowns into household names.  New mock drafts, player profiles, and scouting reports are published daily.  The offseason is a time filled with hope […]

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