SKOL Search: Caleb Farley Scouting Report

SKOL Search: Caleb Farley Scouting Report

When roster construction is talked about amongst Vikings fans, probably the two biggest positions that have the most debate are offensive line and cornerback: we don’t focus enough on the offensive line and have spent too much draft capital on cornerbacks. While I think there are good arguments for and against both points, I am here to tell you that you can never have enough good corners. Let me tell you this, Caleb Farley is one of those really good corners. An opt-out in 2020, Farley was a receiver up until the 2018 season when he switched over to cornerback. Watching Farley play, you can tell he was a receiver but the move to corner was the smart play.

100-95All-ProEarly Round One
94.99-90Pro BowlerMid Round One
89.99-85Day One StarterLate Round One
84.99-80Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Two
79.99-75Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Three
74.99-70Spot Starter/Special Teams Day OneRound Four
69.99-65Backup/Special TeamsRound Five
59.99-55Backup/Special TeamsRound Six
59.99-55Potential BackupRound Seven
54.99-Practice SquadUndrafted

Caleb Farley

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 217 lbs

Strengths: A player with great size for the position,Farley plays with a very low center of gravity in his backpedal that allows him to explode to the ball in an instant. Utilizes quick feet and pairs it with excellent closing speed to make it a lethal combination. Able to flip his hips with ease. Plays multiple techniques at a high level but plays at his best with the receiver in front of him. Stays focused on the receiver and doesn’t peer into the backfield. Always finds himself in the receivers hip pocket allowing him to maximize his ball skills which are very good. Plays almost exclusively on the right side of the field and maximizes the sideline as an extra defender.

Weaknesses: Farley is a little too aggressive at times. Relies a little too much on makeup speed to bail him out. Plays very physical but has a tendency to get a little grabby. Is a willing run defender but is a little hesitant in coming up in run support. Also needs improvement with the angles he takes in the open field.

Run Support8/10
Ball Skills9/10
Grade89.5/100 Mid-Late First Rounder

Caleb Farley is a player that I see myself banging the table for come draft day, especially for the Minnesota Vikings. Not only does he have great size for the position, he already is playing it at such a high level after only playing it for two seasons. The sky is the limit for Farley and I can’t wait to see him grow in the NFL.

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