Month: September 2020

Some Reasons for Positivity on Defense

A look from the positive lens of some of the better defensive plays Vikings’ stars have made so far this year.

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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 194 [Be Better]

Eric Eager of Pro Football Focus and Nick Olson of Zone Coverage join Myles Gorham, Flipmazzi, and Jayson Brown of Climbing The Pocket to discuss the sorry state of the Vikings.

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Unbelievable! – Wrath of the Titans BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald break down the Minnesota Vikings’ impending matchup with the Tennessee Titans at U.S. Bank Stadium and offer up their picks for Week 3. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Climbing The Pocket

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GMG Morning Quickie – Is Kirk Cousins Bad?

Here is your Good Morning Gjallarhorn new feature called the GMG Morning Quickie, because who doesn’t love a morning quickie? Drew, Flip and Dave look at the question of “is Kirk Cousins bad?”

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SKOL Search: Marvin Wilson

It’s never too early to start looking at the future. Every year, teams have weaknesses that manifest themselves early and as a massive NFL Draft fan, my brain immediately starts to project players in those spots. When you love the draft, there is no real offseason. With the college season almost in full swing now,…

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Unbelievable! – This is Fine BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ demoralizing 28-11 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Climbing The Pocket

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Vikings vs Colts – GMG In The Raw LIVE!

Recorded live after the game where the Minnesota Vikings traveled to play the Indianapolis Colts. The results were to say the least… Disappointing and frustrating.

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The SEC is Ready, the Big Ten returns, the PAC12 Enters the Chat

The SEC gears up for the start of their 2020 season. The Big Ten releases its schedule. The PAC12 is now in talks with its government officials.

Locked on Vols Podcast host Josh Ward talks to me about Tennessee football & the SEC

Locked on Hawkeyes Podcast host Andrew Wade to talk Iowa & the Big Ten

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