Trevor Lawrence

SKOL Search: Tyler’s Final Mock Draft

After a long few months of grinding film, the end is finally near. All the smokescreens and rumors aside, there is still a lot of fun that can be had leading into the long weekend. After the first two selections, there still lies a lot of mystery. Who will everyone select? How quickly will the…

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SKOL Search: Tyler’s Final Big Board

One of the best things about the draft process is compiling your big board and seeing where everyone stacks on it. I construct my big board through every player watched and prevent myself from having a nightmare of a time compiling it. This year, I was only able to get final grades for 92 players…

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SKOL Search: Overview Of The 2021 Quarterback Class

Alright Vikings fans, its what you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to start talking quarterbacks. We have come to the conclusion that Kirk Cousins is not the answer for the Minnesota Vikings and fans all across Twitter have been scouring college football for the next starting quarterback. It became the norm for Vikings Twitter…

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