Stefon Diggs

Keys to Separation and Route Running

Separation in the NFL is an art form for wide receivers and tight ends. It’s also a word that tends to get misrepresented in it’s true meaning. Gaining the separation against a defender takes proper route running and technique.  I’ve seen people knock players for their lack of separation in scouting reports but separation as…

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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 19 [Slow Feet Don’t Eat]

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this Episode: Introduction (0:30-2:55) Yinka’s Random Question (2:55-6:35) Papa Johns Papa Murphy’s Pineapple? DiGiorno NBA Recap (6:35-17:40) WR Discussion (17:40-1:11:45) Who is the best WR in the NFL? (18:00) What is the most important WR trait? (31:55) Stefon Diggs (41:00) Vikings WR depth chart (45:55)…

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