Rob Gronkowski

SportsGuyRy’s Fantasy Corner: Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings Pt. 2

SportsGuyRy’s 2018 Fantasy Football Rankings Tight End Edition (1-10): *Photo provided by Stats LLC*   Welcome back for part 2 of the 2018 Tight End fantasy football rankings. As you saw in our last article, there were a couple of typical big names that slid out of the top 10 due to consistent injury concerns….

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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 20 [Dad Runners]

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this Episode: Introduction (0:30-2:35) Yinka’s Random Question (2:35-4:25) Skittles Starbursts Life Savers Gummies Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Random Sports Chatter (4:25-32:00) Who should be the Vikings team captains? (5:10) Does your QB have to be a captain? (10:30) Yinka’s latest article: NFL Verbiage (17:40) TE Discussion…

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Bucky Hodges Holds the Key!!!

  Bucky Hodges is the rookie about which Vikings fans should be most excited. Here’s why: 1. Temuchin “Bucky” Hodges has the most badass name on the team.  Don’t @ me*. Genghis Khan is his namesake.  It doesn’t get more badass than that. *if you must @ me, please quote tweet so all your followers…

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