NFL Draft

Episode 01: Climbing The Big Board

In this Episode: Introduction to the Climbing the Big Board Podcast 2018 NFL Draft Biggest Risers/Fallers Current Draft Crushes Twitter Follower Q&A What is your particular scouting process? Which prospect(s) will most likely fall in the draft? Yinka Leftwich’s best team fit Week 7 Game Picks USC (+3.5) vs. Notre Dame Oklahoma State vs. Texas…

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Flip’s Five: Draft Studs

“We should have drafted Marcus Peters instead!” “We should have drafted Michael Thomas instead!”   These are my two least favorite arguments among Vikings fans. Claiming that a drafted player was a mistake because he’s not the best player from that draft doesn’t make much sense to me. Furthermore, the argument can be reversed. There…

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Bucky Hodges Holds the Key!!!

  Bucky Hodges is the rookie about which Vikings fans should be most excited. Here’s why: 1. Temuchin “Bucky” Hodges has the most badass name on the team.  Don’t @ me*. Genghis Khan is his namesake.  It doesn’t get more badass than that. *if you must @ me, please quote tweet so all your followers…

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