Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 041 – In the Raw With The Grand Poobah

Good morning Horners! The Vikings needed a victory over the Dolphins, and that is what they did. The team from Miami traveled north with a 7-6 record to take on the Vikes with their 6-6-1 record. The Purple failed to beat a team with better than a .500 record until Sunday. Daily Norseman’s own leader…

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Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 040 – Something to Cheer About!

Ryan Tannehill will try to extend his winning record, this time on the road. He is battling an ankle injury which should have the Vikings defensive front four salivating. Even though the Dolphins have a winning record at 7-6, per the basic box score statistics, they are not that good and the Vikings should have favorable matchups.

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