Leonard Fournette

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 104 [When Sassy Jalen Strikes]

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher Click here for iHeartRADIO Click here for YouTube Click here for Google Play Music https://climbingthepocket.podbean.com/mf/web/xdfv7t/Episode_104_When_Sassy_Jalen_Strikes_.mp3 Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this episode: Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on the Jalen Ramsey article? Most accurate assessment? Least accurate assessment? How disappointed are you that Jalen…

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SportsGuyRy’s Fantasy Corner: 2018 Top Ten Running Backs

SportsGuyRy’s 2018 Fantasy Football Rankings: Running Back Edition (1-10) *Photo provided by The Game Haus*   Backstory: Welcome! My name is Ryan aka “SportsGuyRy” and this is SportsGuyRy’s Fantasy Corner. I’m an avid sports fan and especially fond of football. I grew up loving the game, watching it tirelessly. As I got older and a…

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