Josh Kline

CTPN Quick Shots – Where is Matthew Coller and what is Purple Insider?

In this episode of Climbing The Pocket Quick Shots, Jayson Brown sits down with Matthew Coller to find out what he has been up to. As many of you already know, the company that owns SKOR North has been hit exceptionally hard by tertiary results of the virus. The radio station had to lay off…

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Good Morning Gjallarhorn episode 051 – Locked On with Luke Braun

Good morning Horners! Have you ever had one of those days that just didn’t go the way you would plan? Well, in episode 51, that’s exactly what happened. It started off with a host of Locked On Vikings, Mr. Luke Braun getting together with us to discuss possible ways the Minnesota Vikings could make some…

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Good Morning Gjallarhorn ep 048 – GMG Does Free Agency

Good morning Horners! The old men got back together to discuss the Minnesota Vikings effort so far in free agency. The show, due to its recording date, does not include last night signing of free-agent guard Josh Kline, but does everybody else. Starting out with the re-findings of CJ Ham, Mat Wile, Dan…

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