Jayron Kearse

Secondary Grade Breakdowns

It’s time for Mini Dave’s Deep Dive, this one is over the Vikings secondary. As Ted, Drew and myself discussed it on the Good Morning Gjallarhorn, and many of us have discussed here, it has been an issue this season, especially at the corner position. Mike Zimmer has been playing the safeties back more than…

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Infusion of Youth

What separates good teams from great teams in the NFL? Well the truth is, there is a lot, and we could argue about which is most important, whether it be a Head Coach, a GM, a Cap Wizard, or the players themselves. For the sake of this article, lets focus on the draft and how…

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Big Nickel, My Nickel

One position the Vikings defense has been looking to add over the last couple of seasons is what you could call a “Money backer” or in Head Coach Mike Zimmer’s case, the “big nickel” position. That big-nickel position is there to help take away mismatches an offense can look to exploit, as a third-linebacker and…

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