Jaelan Phillips

SKOL Search: Vikings Draft Tendencies

When trying to make predictions on the directions that a team will go in the NFL draft, context is always key. More often than not, that context is determined by team needs and what the strengths of the board are in a given year. When you break down the specifics of a GM or organization…

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SKOL Search: Jaelan Phillips Scouting Report

100-95 All-Pro Early Round One 94.99-90 Pro Bowler Mid Round One 89.99-85 Day One Starter Late Round One 84.99-80 Potential Starter/Early Contributor Round Two 79.99-75 Potential Starter/Early Contributor Round Three 74.99-70 Spot Starter/Special Teams Day One Round Four 69.99-65 Backup/Special Teams Round Five 59.99-55 Backup/Special Teams Round Six 59.99-55 Potential Backup Round Seven 54.99- Practice…

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