Floyd Mayweather

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 31 [Setting The Edge]

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher https://climbingthepocket.podbean.com/mf/web/ucdmuj/Episode_31_Setting_the_Edge_.mp3 Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this Episode: Introduction (0:00-2:15) Question of the Day (2:15-4:15) LA Virginia Beach New Orleans Atlanta Sports Talk (4:15-18:45) Kyrie Trade Mayweather/McGregor Charles McDonald (18:45-28:10) Who is Charles McDonald (settingedge.com)? How excited should we be about Jaleel Johnson? How does Jaleel Johnson…

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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 21 [All Day to TJ Duckett]

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher https://climbingthepocket.podbean.com/mf/web/ep7vg2/Episode_21_All_Day_to_TJ_Duckett_.mp3 Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this Episode: Introduction (0:30-3:15) Yinka’s Random Question (3:15-6:00) Morena Baccarin Bernice Burgos/Lauren London Sanaa Lathan Random Sports Chatter (6:00-20:20) NBA Summer League Update (6:25) Editor’s note: Lonzo not Lavar balled out vs. Philadelphia Preferred PG type: floor general vs. scorer (8:20) Conor McGregor vs. Floyd…

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