Daunte Culpepper

“Looking Back Through Rose Colored Glasses”

Most of you know me as Producer Dave. Besides doing all the lives shows on Climbing the Pocket, one thing I love to do is create art. Much of my art is football focuses, especially on the Vikings. It is a team I love and like all artwork, it can be therapeutic. Being Vikings fans,…

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Top 5 Soul-Crushing Moments In Vikings History

Over the 60 years of the Minnesota Vikings existence, there have been so many moments that break our hearts. In fact, it seems to be the common thread among fans of the purple and gold. Throughout my fanhood, like many others, I have gone through immense heartbreak and have been asked the question: what is…

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Is Daunte Culpepper The Best Vikings Quarterback This Century?

Before you invade my mentions, I really like Kirk Cousins. Cousins is one of the best quarterbacks that has played for my favorite team the Minnesota Vikings in my lifetime. In fact, compared to some of the guys that we have seen start at the position, Cousins looks like an elite quarterback. When you have…

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