Colin Kaepernick

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 107 [It’s Time]

  Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher Click here for iHeartRADIO Click here for YouTube Click here for Google Play Music Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this episode: Around The NFL Thoughts on Le’veon Bell and the Steelers Nike + Colin Kaepernick + NFL = _______ Week 1 Prop Bets Drake (75.5…

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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 26 [QB Battle Royale]

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this Episode: Introduction (0:00-1:50) Yinka’s Question of the Day (1:50-4:30) Seahawks Chargers Sports Talk (4:30-27:45) Kyrie Irving Offseason Drama (4:30) Eli for HOF? (14:50) Flacco, Tannehill, Kaep..? (21:45) Vikings Talk (27:45-56:30) Treadwell Injury (27:45) Homecoming King (36:10) Sam Bradford Breakout (38:20) 2018 QB Battle: Good…

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