Ben Gedeon

New Special Teams Coordinator? I Hope Not

Mike Priefer should not be fired. There I said it. While many fans are calling for a new special teams coach, we need to look deeper than just “our kicker doesn’t make kicks”. Since Priefer arrived back in 2011, he has lead the Vikings Special Teams unit to multiple great seasons. Back in early December,…

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Infusion of Youth

What separates good teams from great teams in the NFL? Well the truth is, there is a lot, and we could argue about which is most important, whether it be a Head Coach, a GM, a Cap Wizard, or the players themselves. For the sake of this article, lets focus on the draft and how…

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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 53 [Magic City?] ft. @PFF_EricEager & @spokenflow22

Click here for iTunes Click here for Stitcher Climbing The Pocket Podcast In this Episode: Introduction “What would you get the Vikings for Christmas?” Random Chatter How good is the Vikings OL? What is our best win of the season? How many “quality” wins do we have? Prince’s Hateration Scale Atlanta Game Preview with…

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