Tyler Forness’ Top 5 – WRs

Tyler Forness’ Top 5 – WRs

Wide Receivers

After seeing historic classes last year and in 2015, this year is poised to be even more so. We are looking at potentially 6 wide receivers going on day one and upwards of 20 (through 2 days) and 40 (all 3 days) being drafted. Not only is there excellent depth and elite-level talent at the top, but there is a wide variety of styles to fit any offense.

When I grade wide receivers, I value two things above all else: route running and separation. If you can break away from the defender, it makes everything that much easier for you and the quarterback. Everything else you want to see from a receiver is weighted evenly, as they all matter to truly make a great receiver



Route Running/15


Contested Catches/10


Body Control/10

YAC Ability/10



Written pieces involving my top 5

Jaylen Waddle

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Rashod Bateman

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DeVonta Smith

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Kadarius Toney

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Ja’Marr Chase

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