Tyler Forness’ Top 5 – OTs

Tyler Forness’ Top 5 – OTs

In this episode Tyler breaks down the top 5 offensive tackles in his book and suspects that the Vikings would take one or at least the fans want it.

Offensive Tackles

After last year’s excellent class in round one, this class has the potential to be even better. With upwards of 8 different players that could go round one along with being able to find guys in round 3 who could start day one. This is a great year to need a tackle.

When it comes to evaluating tackles, there is a lot that goes into it. I focus on two main things and break it down from there: how do they win and how do they lose. How you answer both of those questions gives you the full spectrum of a prospect. It also matters to me how quickly they win or lose because it can affect numerous other things during the course of a play.

Pass Protection/10











Let’s learn about Penie Sewell, Christian Darrisaw, Teven Jenkins, Samuel Cosmi and Liam Eichenberg, along with some of the tackles that will likely play guard at the NFL level and weren’t included.

Written pieces involving the top 5

Christian Darrisaw

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Teven Jenkins

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Samuel Cosmi

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