Skoldiers – 070 – Saints Prayers Denied

Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 070 - Saints Prayers Denied

Around the League

  • Texans top Bills in OT
  • Bills blow a big lead
  • Ridiculous play by Watson to set up the game winner
  • Titans edge Patriots 20-13
  • Pick 6 at the end to make it 7
  • Seahawks defeat Eagles 17-9
  • Wentz injured

Vikings – Saints Recap


  • Cousins gets it done in a big time game
  • 19-31 for 242 and a score – 0 INT
  • Clutch throws in OT to Thielen and Rudolph
  • Have to feel incredibly good for him
  • Dalvin makes the world know his name
  • 94 and 2 scores plus 3 for 36 through the air
  • Explosive. Explosive. Explosive. 
  • At this point he might be the most important piece for our run
  • Thielen finally shakes off the rust (and there was some rust to shake)
  • Fumble / Hold / Drop to start the game 
  • Came up huge after that with 7 for 129
  • Catch of the year to setup the game winner
  • OLine Play
  • Kyle Rudolph with another big catch this year
  • OPI? 

Special Teams

  • Bailey made all the kicks
  • He’s on fire
  • Kick coverage was a bit of an issue
  • Colquitt was good 


  • Said they needed their best game and they brought it 100%
  • Shorthanded without Hughes and Mack 
  • Everson and Hunter were MONSTERS all over the line
  • Anthony Harris with another INT 
  • Zimmer – his best game ever? 

SF Preview

  • Saturday 330PM
  • Monstrous front – Bosa etc. 
  • Opportunistic pass defense that thrives on the pressure from the front rushers
  • George Kittle is a beast and has appeared unguardable at times
  • Jimmy G in his first true test 
  • Vikings will bring experience into this game that SF will not

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