Skoldiers – 069 – Playoff Preview

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 069 - Playoff Preview

Skoldiers – 069 – Playoff Preview

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 069 - Playoff Preview

Vikings – Playoffs Overview


  • Thielen and Dalvin will play but not at 100% IMO
  • Indoor game and not at primetime
  • I think we’ll need 28 at a minimum to win
  • Run and Pass should both be possible on this leaky injured defense

Special Teams

  • Bailey is on fire 
  • Have all the confidence in the world in him for FGs
  • Colquitt will play a big role
  • Field position is MASSIVE



  • Have to play their best game of the year
  • They are clicking right now but it has to be even better
  • Kendricks should play 
  • Will need him to cover Kamara and Cook
  • Cook scares me the most because he’s extremely athletic and has been clicking with Brees of late
  • Maybe we’ll see the Rhodes of old. Michael Thomas should bring out the best in him for a 1on1 matchup 
  • Try to get pressure – get those hands up
  • Tipping the quick passes could lead to TOs
  • Make Brees uncomfortable 
  • He’s old / not nimble / could get jumpy if we can hit him hard early


  • Stefanski needs to have his best game ever. The scheme needs to be right – cannot have the Chicago / GB bullcrap.
  • Zim needs to focus his defense and bring out all the stops. Unique blitzes and trick plays. Leave it all on the field. 
  • Be ready for anything from Payton. Always be ready for fake punts / kicks. 

NO Preview

  • They’ve won 6 of their last 7 and are averaging over 36 ppg in those games
  • Only loss was 46-48 in the game of the year to SF
  • Also run for over 100 in 6 of 7 (95 in the other)
  • Kamara having a down season 
  • Scored twice week 3 and then nothing until the last two weeks
  • 4 TDs the last two weeks
  • Gaining confidence at the right time
  • Brees playing at elite level
  • Only sacked 12 times
  • 8 of those in ATL/LAR losses (0 sacks in SF game)
  • Only 4 INTs
  • Elite completion percentage at 74.3%
  • Gets rid of it quickly and accurately 
  • Michael Thomas
  • 149 catches
  • 3 shallowest catch depth in the NFL
  • Plays into the quick pass with his ability to get open quick and his length
  • Prediction

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