Skoldiers – 064 – Less is Moore

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 064 - Less is Moore

Skoldiers – 064 – Less is Moore

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 064 - Less is Moore

Mike and Ed take a look around the league, the North Face, and break down a frustrating loss to Kansas City

Around the League

  • Dolphins are tanking – or maybe not, iunno
  • Steelers are fighting – 8-8 might make AFC wildcard
  • Seahawks get about all they can handle from Tampa Bay
  • Wow… Browns gotta figure something out
  • Ravens prove that the Patriots have had an extremely soft first 8 games
  • Also, Lamar Jackson is ridiculous

The North Face

  • They all lost
  • Raiders win slugfest v Detroit – Raiders also fighting for playoffs
  • Bears lose to Eagles – Eagles making a run?
  • Chargers SHOCK the Packers… get it… SHOCK
  • Green Bay has a lot of talent but small margin of error remaining for them – not nearly as good as their record indicates 
  • North is still open, but missed opportunity
  • 2 team race – Vikings and PAckers 

Vikings – Kansas City Recap

Complete systematic failure of a loss


  • Adam Thielen re aggravated injury – Shut him down til after bye?
  • Offensive play-calling was abysmal
  • Was Dalvin Cook even in uniform?
  • Laquon Treadwell – 3 / 5 – 58 yards, best game as a pro – 90+ PFF grade
  • OL was Dominated all day by backups
  • Kirk Cousins failed when his number was called – He’s not why we lost, but he had a chance to take us to a win

Special Teams

  • Dan Bailey misses XP that proved critical – meant being up by 4 versus 3 late in a battle of FGs
  • Shanked punt by Britton Colquitt didn’t help at the end


  • Big plays were a problem
  • Trae Waynes was TORCHED by Tyreek Hill constantly
  • DL dominated point of attack, forcing fumbles and sacks
  • OF COURSE Kansas City sets a longest rushing TD record against the Vikings
  • I really don’t understand the coverage anymore – it’s a problem

Dallas (SNF) Predictions

  • Iunno man – we’ll be in the building at least
  • 4 of next 7 are prime time games – Kirk better figure out these big games quickly – Maybe the coaching staff as well? 
  • My preseason prediction was 11-5 (off-air) losing to KC, and 6-3 at this point in the season… At least we’re on schedule for that
  • Predictions

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