E47: Pocket Protectors [WAR Cousins]

Climbing The Pocket
E47: Pocket Protectors [WAR Cousins]

This episode begins with Nick discussing how happy and spoiled the Vikings have made him over the past 2 weeks with their large margins of victory. Nick then takes a deeper dive into the Vikings’ mollywhopping of the Chargers.

Eric previews the Packers matchup briefly before going “off script” to remind us how much better Kirk has been than Aaron Rodgers season to date. In this delightful tangent from Eric, he let us know that Kirk Cousins is the 5th ranked player in PFF’s WAR this season which naturally prompted discussion about how much Kirk is being helped by his supporting cast and vice versa. Nick followed up Eric’s praise of Kirk by making an argument as to why Kirk could be in the conversation for MVP (hint: his supporting cast isn’t as great as you think Adam).

We bring things home in this episode discussing the Vikings odds to make the playoffs, which seeds are the most likely, and the odds the Vikings make the Superbowl. For context, Eric also provides the Superbowl odds for the top contenders in the AFC and NFC.

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