Climbing The Pocket: Episode 181 [Green Bay and the Infinite Sadness]

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 181 [Green Bay and the Infinite Sadness]

After brief recaps of our Christmas celebrations which included time with family and unicorn onesies, Yinka jumped in to discuss where things went wrong against Green Bay. This conversation led us down the road of all the ways the Vikings offensive staff have been masking the deficiencies of our offensive line and Kirk Cousins season to date.

Yinka mentioned that Dalvin Cook is the focal point of the Vikings offense which Jayson pushed back on give the importance of the QB position in relation to the RB position and using SIS Total Points season to date to make the argument about Kirk’s value being so much higher than Cook’s. Yinka clarified that even though Minnesota is built to be a passing offense, Zimmer seems to prefer an offense whose focus is on the ground game.

Jayson recapped Nick Olson’s argument for Kirk to be in the MVP conversation before we discussed how the sentiment of the fanbase seems to have turned on Cousins. Yinka provided both pros and cons for extending Cousins before giving his thoughts on the Vikings should handle Week 17 and his ideal playoff slate for the Vikings.

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