Andrew Harbaugh

It’s Baptism by Fire for Christian Darrisaw

Being a rookie in the NFL is never easy, no one expects it to be easy from a front office perspective but from a fan perspective they may have different expectations.  When a team is considered close, or on the turn then that’s when the expectations of a fanbase soar for rookies including first-round picks,…

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Three Make or Break Games for the Vikings this Season

We just discussed in detail last night the Vikings schedule on the Climbing the Pocket Happy Hour and while doing so I came up with three critical games that can make or break the Vikings season. Dave, Ryan, and I had them all over the place result wise but the consensus seems to be around…

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How Would Trading Up For Justin Fields Change Things?

The Chicago Bears ended the unexpected free-fall of quarterback Justin Fields in the NFL Draft by trading up from 20 to 11 with the New York Giants, but what if they didn’t and he landed in Minnesota instead? It was reported shortly after the draft that the Vikings were interested in drafting Fields if he…

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