A Bright Spot Amid The Tension

After last weeks dismal game vs the Chicago Bears, the Vikings are now officially one quarter of the way through the 2019 season. And while it’s very easy to sit and list all the things that are going wrong, there is someone on the defensive side of the ball who is quietly putting together a […]

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What To Do At Pick 18: Part 4

The long anticipated wait is over, it’s finally NFL Draft week! We’ve seen countless Mock Drafts, hot takes, and debates among Vikings Twitter and it’s lead us all to this point. Over the past few weeks I’ve highlighted some of players who I think the Vikings could draft at pick 18 and why they could […]

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What To Do At Pick 18: Part 3

Welcome back to part three of this four part series on who the Vikings should pick in the first round of this year’s draft. After covering two prospects for the Vikings at pick 18, Andre Dillard and Noah Fant, let’s talk about another highly touted prospect who fills one of the Vikings the biggest need […]

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What To Do At Pick 18: Part 2

Welcome back to my four part series on who I think are possibilities for the Vikings in this upcoming draft. In my last article, we talked about the promising offensive lineman Andre Dillard and outlined the pros and cons of that selection (you can check out that article here). This week we’ll take a little […]

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What To Do At Pick 18: Part 1

We have made it! The NFL Draft is this month, and the closer we get, the more we start to hone in on who may actually be available at pick 18 for our Minnesota Vikings; even though it’s really all just a guess. Over the next four weeks I’ll be doing a series highlighting my […]

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Leaving Room For Improvement

This time of year is fun for fans because you get to speculate on who your team could add/cut/restructure or trade, allowing you to fantasize and build this Madden-like roster. The outcomes are endless. It is stressful for the players though, the NFL is a brutal business, and at the end of the day one […]

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Patience is Key: Anthony Harris

Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. What a novel concept. The problem with patience is that many NFL fans struggle with it. Whether it’s a rookie QB not being immediately successful, a Cornerback that takes some time to adjust to the game, or a coach […]

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Infusion of Youth

What separates good teams from great teams in the NFL? Well the truth is, there is a lot, and we could argue about which is most important, whether it be a Head Coach, a GM, a Cap Wizard, or the players themselves. For the sake of this article, lets focus on the draft and how […]

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