Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Matt and Nick are back to cover the Vikings making the largest comeback in NFL history, overcoming a 33-0 halftime deficit to beat the Colts. They go over what went wrong in the first half, how they turned it around in the second, and call out critical players and break down critical plays. They also give a preview of the Giants.

* Special Teams disasters in the first half

* Offensive miscues and failed first downs

* Defense plays ok but still lets up 19 points

* KJ Osborn starts the comeback

* Justin Jefferson’s consistent excellence

* Did Kirk have a good game?

* Christian Darrisaw’s return

* Dalvin Cook’s big plays

* Defensive changes lead to improved performance

* Where the defense still needs improve

* The DL’s dominance

* Kevin O’Connell’s decision-making on 2 point conversions and the overtime punt

* We finally mention the refs

* We disrespect the Giants a little

* Brian Daboll is doing a great job, but can they match up with the Vikings talent?

* We discuss how the Giants can make the game close

Matt Fries @friesfootball

Nick Olson @nickolsonnfl

Gregg Blake @youvebeengreggd

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