Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Matt and Nick have special guest Shawn Syed (@SyedSchemes) on to break down the Vikings’ impressive win over the Packers in Kevin O’Connell’s first game as a head coach.


* The basics of Kevin O’Connell’s offense

* How the Vikings schemed Justin Jefferson for success

* Can Justin Jefferson be stopped?

* Run Game Diversity

* Nick Breaks Down the OL performance

* How did Kirk Cousins look?


* Half-Quarter-Quarter and Umbrella Coverages

* How Harrison Smith was used as a weak safety

* Can the flat be exploited in this defense?

* How talent helped the run defense excel

* Limiting big plays and slowing down Dillon/Jones

* Breakdown of individual DL performances

Follow Shawn @SyedSchemes and check out his coverage of the Vikings at the Daily Norseman this season.

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