Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Matt, Nick, and Gregg are back to discuss the final game of the season and organizational changes.

Bears Review:

* The offensive line stinks

* ISM’s great game

* Credit to the defense for the 3rd and 4th down performance

Moving On:

* Mike Zimmer firing reaction

* Rick Spielman firing reaction

What’s Next?

* Who is your top candidate for GM?

* Who is your top candidate for HC?

* What direction would you like to see this organization go?

Thanks for sticking with us throughout the season! Stick around for more content every week this offseason!

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