Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Matt and Nick are back to discuss the lifeless loss against the Packers.

* The result felt inevitable once Sean Mannion had to start.

* Sean Mannion played pretty much as expected.

* The defense held up at first, but then the floodgates broke.

Tape Talk:

* The Packers are great on offense and it’s frustrating

* Aaron Rodgers: annoyingly good

* Why are opponents so successful with checkdown and the Vikings struggle so much?

* Would you have started Kellen Mond?

Bears preview:

* Both coaching staffs are dead men walking?

* Should the starters play?

* What players are you watching for?

The final Fifteen Seconds of Fantasy of the season.

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