Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Kindred Skol Podcast ft. @NickOlsonNFL, @FriesFootball, & @youvebeengreggd

Matt, Gregg, and Nick are back to discuss the disappointing loss to the Cowboys. They also get into a lengthy discussion about the future of the franchise and a short preview of the Ravens.

* What went wrong on defense against the pass?

* What about the offense?

* The state of the offensive line

* Why was Kirk so conservative?

The future of the team:

* Should the Vikings keep Mike Zimmer?

* Should they keep Rick Spielman?

* What is the path for this team improving?

Ravens Preview

* Can they beat the aggressive Ravens defense?

* How do you stop Lamar Jackson?

* Do we have any hope of winning?

Fifteen Seconds of Fantasy!

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