SKOL Search: Payton Turner Scouting Report

SKOL Search: Payton Turner Scouting Report

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
SKOL Search: Payton Turner Scouting Report
100-95All-ProEarly Round One
94.99-90Pro BowlerMid Round One
89.99-85Day One StarterLate Round One
84.99-80Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Two
79.99-75Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Three
74.99-70Spot Starter/Special Teams Day OneRound Four
69.99-65Backup/Special TeamsRound Five
59.99-55Backup/Special TeamsRound Six
59.99-55Potential BackupRound Seven
54.99-Practice SquadUndrafted

Payton Turner

Height: 6’6″

Weight: 270 lbs

Strengths: A multi-year starter for Houston, Payton Turner has had quite the ride. Coming into college at only 220 lbs, Turner bulked up to 290 for his junior season where he was a really good 3T. For this season, he dropped down to 270 lbs to play edge for the Cougars. Turner is built like a redwood tree. Stout throughout his frame, he packs a powerful punch that drives the blocker onto his heels. Turner also shows adequate bend around the edge. His ankles are flexible enough to turn the corner well enough to keep tackles honest. His motor is one of the hottest in this class with multiple examples of his effort taking down defenders.

Weaknesses: While he has spells of good pass rushes, Turner does not have a fully developed plan. His counters are almost non-existent and need to become more varied. He also plays with a high center of gravity that can cause him to lose with leverage.

Run Defense8.5/10
Grade83.5/100 Second Rounder

When watching Payton Turner, I absolutely fell in love with his film. The motor that Turner has paired with his skill and versatility had me sold almost immediately. I will be higher on Turner than most but that is ok. I love what he brings to the table and what how he projects to the NFL.

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