SKOL Search: Scouting Roundup 2.0

SKOL Search: Scouting Roundup 2.0

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
SKOL Search: Scouting Roundup 2.0

Tyree Gillespie S, Missouri

A talented safety from Missouri, Tyree Gillespie displayed a range of abilities. He played really well in a deep third and can slide down into both the box and the slot. Against Alabama, he exploded early on stopping Jaylen Waddle dead in his tracks on a jet sweep. He translates the best playing a deep third and still has some room to grow with technique, but I came a way a big fan.

Grade: 79.5, Third Rounder

D’Ante Smith OT, East Carolina

D’Ante Smith is one of my favorite players in this class. Having played in 2019 at 274lbs, he weighed in this morning at 305 which is a big win for Smith. At East Carolina, Smith was a solid left tackle, showing solid technique and better anchor than you would expect for a guy his size, while also showing that he has excellent potential to grow within his frame.

Grade: 79, Third Rounder

Brady Christensen OT, BYU

A Junior from BYU, Brady Christensen is an athletic tackle who protected Zach Wilson’s blindside. With his athletic profile, Christensen is able to get in front of anyone that lines up across from him to make a successful block. He doesn’t have the best length but uses what he has to his advantage. He does need to become more consistent with his hands and add strength to his frame, but there is potential there.

Grade: 74.5 Fourth Rounder

Jayson Oweh EDGE, Penn State

The biggest wild card of the draft process, Jayson Oweh is the latest player that has been comped to Danielle Hunter and it is justified. Both players are athletic freaks (Oweh ran 4.36 at 6’5″ 252 lbs) and had limited sack production in their last season. While he had zero sacks, it wasn’t from a lack of pressure or effort. Owen was consistently in the face of the quarterback and getting pressure. Give him to a successful defensive line coach and watch him thrive.

Grade: 83.5, Second Rounder

Greg Newsome II CB, Northwestern

While on its surface the quarterback class wasn’t very good, it turns out that the class is surprisingly deep at the top. Newsome II is the biggest surprise of my first-round corners. An incredibly fluid mover, Newsome II has excellent ball skills and sticks to receivers like a glove. While he projects to be most successful in a deep third, Newsome II would be able to step into any system and thrive day one.

Grade: 85, Late First Rounder

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