SKOL Search: Ronnie Perkins Scouting Report

SKOL Search: Ronnie Perkins Scouting Report

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
SKOL Search: Ronnie Perkins Scouting Report
100-95All-ProEarly Round One
94.99-90Pro BowlerMid Round One
89.99-85Day One StarterLate Round One
84.99-80Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Two
79.99-75Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Three
74.99-70Spot Starter/Special Teams Day OneRound Four
69.99-65Backup/Special TeamsRound Five
59.99-55Backup/Special TeamsRound Six
59.99-55Potential BackupRound Seven
54.99-Practice SquadUndrafted

Ronnie Perkins

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 251

Strengths: Ronnie Perkins is a bad man in the pass rush. His hands are violent. Once touch the offensive lineman, it’s essentially over. Has a couple of moves in his repertoire (snatch/pull and club/rip) and uses them effectively. Also has the power to bull rush and uses leverage well at the point of attack. Has an incredible motor that he uses both in the passing and rushing game.

Weaknesses: Is a functional athlete but not a great one. Shows explosion off the ball but doesn’t display it consistently. Does not display good bend around the edge. Needs to add more pass rush moves to his arsenal. If the offensive lineman stops his initial move, he doesn’t have a plan of attack or a counter move. Needs to spend more time in the film room to increase his football IQ.

Run Defense8/10
Grade78/100 Third Rounder

Ronnie Perkins is a high upside pass rusher that has a lot of upside but needs to be paired with a great coach at the next level to get the most out of him. The former Oklahoma Sooner projects best as a 4-3 5 Technique defensive end and is likely a 2-3 year project before he reaches his potential. If he can expand his tool chest and his knowledge of blocking schemes, he can be a quality starter in the National Football League

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