SKOL Search: Rashod Bateman Scouting Report

SKOL Search: Rashod Bateman Scouting Report

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
SKOL Search: Rashod Bateman Scouting Report

After a breakout season in 2019 for the Golden Gophers, Rashod Bateman saw some struggles in 2020 but it wasn’t from lack of effort. Tanner Morgan showed a regression from his place as the 6th most efficient quarterback in 2019. Pair that with losing both starting tackles and Tyler Johsnon and Bateman was fighting an uphill battle. Playing in 5 games for the maroon and gold, Bateman still put up respectable numbers, calculating 36 receptions for 479 yards and 2 touchdowns. While these numbers were not near what he was able to do in 2019, he still put up good numbers against almost exclusively double coverage.

100-95All-ProEarly Round One
94.99-90Pro BowlerMid Round One
89.99-85Day One StarterLate Round One
84.99-80Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Two
79.99-75Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Three
74.99-70Spot Starter/Special Teams Day OneRound Four
69.99-65Backup/Special TeamsRound Five
59.99-55Backup/Special TeamsRound Six
59.99-55Potential BackupRound Seven
54.99-Practice SquadUndrafted

Rashod Bateman

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 210 lbs

Strengths: Bateman is a very smooth and crisp mover. He runs precise and calculated routes that leave defensive backs in his dust. Sells well at the top of the stem. Is very good at tracking the ball. Possesses great body control in the air. Does a good job in the open field with the ball in his hands. Has the vision to maximize his YAC ability. Catches the ball away from his body well and has soft hands to make the difficult catches. Possesses a varied release package with excellent footwork

Weaknesses: Doesn’t possess elite speed. Won’t run away from defenders. Didn’t face much press coverage at the college level. He isn’t the most dynamic athlete or the most physical, but also isn’t weak in those areas.

Route Running14/15
Contested Catches9/10
Body Control9/10
YAC Ability9/10
Grade90/100 Mid First Rounder

While Rashod Bateman doesn’t possess any truly elite athletic trait, he doesn’t have a true weakness. He more than makes up for his lack of speed with his ability to separate as a route runner and the ability to track the ball. As far as a projection to the next level, Bateman has the ability to be a true WR1 but can play anywhere you need him to while he adjusts to the speed of the NFL.

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