SKOL Search: DeVonta Smith Scouting Report

SKOL Search: DeVonta Smith Scouting Report

In 2019, the Alabama Crimson Tide had a bevy of talent at the wide receiver position. 2020 first round picks in Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs, surefire first rounders in DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle and likely future first rounder in John Metchie. After losing both Ruggs and Jeudy along with Tua prior to this season, the Alabama offense somehow got better and most of that is to the credit of Smith. While he only stands at 6’1″ and 175 pounds, he had incredible production, especially after Waddle got hurt early on in the season. Becoming the first Heisman Trophy winning receiver since Desmond Howard in 1991, Smith was massively productive, catching 118 passes for 1,856 yards and 24 total touchdowns. While he was ultra productive, there are still some questions with his game at the next level.

100-95All-ProEarly Round One
94.99-90Pro BowlerMid Round One
89.99-85Day One StarterLate Round One
84.99-80Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Two
79.99-75Potential Starter/Early ContributorRound Three
74.99-70Spot Starter/Special Teams Day OneRound Four
69.99-65Backup/Special TeamsRound Five
59.99-55Backup/Special TeamsRound Six
59.99-55Potential BackupRound Seven
54.99-Practice SquadUndrafted

DeVonta Smith

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 175 lbs

Strengths: Smith is an incredibly smooth mover in space. Knows how to manipulate cornerbacks at the top of the stem and uses the double move very well. Exudes great body control in the air and with contested catches. Has soft hands and drops are few and far between. Is a willing blocker in the running game. Has positional flexibility across the line of scrimmage being able to play the X, Y and Z positions. His long strides allow him to cover space very quickly. Route running is advance in space where he can utilize his smoothness.

Weaknesses: His frame gives me concerns at the next level. Did not see a lot of physical press coverage at Alabama. His lack of physicality could spell trouble against physical press-man coverage. Would like to see Smith dip his hips a little more in his cuts.

Route Running13.5/15
Contested Catches9/10
Body Control9/10
YAC Ability8.5/10
Grade89/100 Mid/Late First Rounder

DeVonta Smith possesses all of the tools to be a successful receiver in the NFL but his ability to translate in a more physical league will be the key to unlocking his true potential. If he can master beating physical coverage, he will be a great asset to whatever team drafts him.

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