E53: Pocket Protectors [Paying Dalvin. Ranking Kirk]

E53: Pocket Protectors [Paying Dalvin. Ranking Kirk]

We start this episode digging into the contract demands of Dalvin Cook and the apparent stalemate between he and the Vikings. With initial reports saying Dalvin Cook wants Christian McCaffrey money, Nick and Eric jump to outline what Dalvin brings to the table and what might be a reasonable contract for Dalvin based on his skillset, durability, and value added to date as measured by PFF WAR. This conversation pointed to the scheme being a driving force of the Vikings running success because Alexander Mattison’s performance relative to Dalvin Cook’s was very similar in 2019.

After Eric suggested Rick Spielman should call Bill O’Brien to work out a trade for Deshaun Watson, we jumped into PFF’s latest QB rankings to discuss the methodology and why Kirk Cousins fell to the middle of the pack after such a strong year in 2019. Nick reminded us that while Kirk graded brilliantly in 2019, his 2018 season was bad across the board and once you average his most recent seasons against his career average, the PFF rankings make a lot more sense.

Our conversation then turned to Eric’s article about QB salaries and the implications for the rest of your team. With scheme playing such a huge role in Kirk’s success and with the Vikings losing Stefon Diggs, we expect regression from Kirk Cousins in 2020.

To round out the show, we discussed Kirk’s place as the most valuable Vikings player in the last decade before playing a fun game of “this or that” with Dante Culpepper vs Kirk Cousins.

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