Climbing The Pocket: Episode 189 [Last Dance Part 1]

Climbing The Pocket: Episode 189 [Last Dance Part 1]

We begin this episode getting caught up with the crew and how everyone is passing the time while the world is on lockdown. Myles and Yinka share opposing perspectives on quarantine driven by their personality types. Myles draws parallels between facemasks and seatbelts and Yinka hopes the world will find a way to come together as we face a common enemy in COVID-19. Jayson discusses how the of America reminds him of characters in Ozarks which prompts Yinka to remind everyone of how patriotic he is.

The conversation then turns to the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance. Myles wonders how Jordan would have been accepted in our current media era. Myles points to Jordan’s drinking, gambling, golfing, and cigar smoking as proof athletes can have other interests outside of sports and still be productive on the field or court. Jayson compares Lebron James to “Goliath” and says while Michael Jordan is the GOAT, Lebron James is probably a better basketball player.

We wrap this episode with a discussion of the leadership styles portrayed through the documentary.

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Climbing The Pocket

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