Vikings O-Line improvement? – CTPN Quick Shots, Pt 1

Vikings O-Line improvement? – CTPN Quick Shots, Pt 1

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Vikings O-Line improvement? - CTPN Quick Shots, Pt 1

In this episode of Climbing The Pocket Quick Shots, Jayson Brown sits down with two of the Climbing The Pocket Network’s film watching experts. Tyler Forness and Matt Fries go over their opinions on what they saw with the Ezra Cleveland all 22 tape, and how they see him being utilized by the Vikings. Will he start, and what position? Those are but two of the questions they attempt to answer. Also, what will that starting offensive line actually look like?

Matt and Tyler get into key traits of Ezra’s play, like his ability to do a jump set, how he uses his leverage, has good hand movement, and the ability to get downfield quickly. They go over his athletic ability is tested in the combine, and there are very few offensive lineman that come close to his athleticism. This all points to very good things in the future. The question is, could it be this season?

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