CTPN Quick Shots – Where is Matthew Coller and what is Purple Insider?

CTPN Quick Shots – Where is Matthew Coller and what is Purple Insider?

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
CTPN Quick Shots - Where is Matthew Coller and what is Purple Insider?

In this episode of Climbing The Pocket Quick Shots, Jayson Brown sits down with Matthew Coller to find out what he has been up to. As many of you already know, the company that owns SKOR North has been hit exceptionally hard by tertiary results of the virus. The radio station had to lay off the majority of their on-air personalities, and Matthew color was one of them.

Matthew has started a new venture and it is called Purple Insider. He has retained his credentials to cover the Minnesota Vikings in the same full way you have been used to. The only difference is that he will be publishing now at Purple Insider, in a newsletter format that could be delivered to your email inbox daily. You can sign up for free and get one article per week, or you could subscribe and get all of his reporting and analysis. Also on the way, will be a podcast including Courtney Cronin of ESPN, and Sage Rosenfels, just the way you had it with Purple Daily. All of this in an effort to keep you informed on the team we care about.

Kirk Cousins is sort of an enigma that a lot of the team decisions revolve around. Matthew and Jason talk about that, along with how many variations of the offensive line can be hypothesized to help protect him. It is quite the conversation. Will Dru Samia start? Will the Vikings go out and experienced veteran yet? Does Dalvin Cook get an extension? Will Anthony Harris get a long-term contract? We don’t know yet, but Matthew will be there to report on it. Who will be the surprise players that contribute more than you think they would right now? Could it be Oli Udoh, Armon Watts, or even Chad Beebe? All this was part of the discussion and part of Climbing The Pocket Network and of Daily Norseman bringing you the best Vikings news and information you can get anywhere.

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 As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

Fan with us!!!  You can follow Mathew Coller at @MatthewColler, Purple Insider can be found at @Purple_Insider and at PurpleInsider.com, CTP host Jayson Brown can be contacted at @brownjayson and this episode was produced by GMG hosts Dave at @Luft_Krigare.

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