Vikings OBJ Trade Talk and More – CTPN Round Table

Vikings OBJ Trade Talk and More – CTPN Round Table

Tick tock, let’s go! Hitting the news was a report by Marc Malusis of WFAN in New York. He is a beat writer for the New York Giants. He had a trusted source [probably close to the OBJ camp] tell him the the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns in discussions on a trade for Odell Beckham Jr. The guys from Climbing The Pocket Network discuss the possibility, especially after the Vikes traded Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills. Since then, beat writers for both the Vikings and the Browns have pinged their sources and say there is nothing to this. PA is one of them, and well as Mathew Coller. Malusis came on SKOR North and defended his reporting and source. It may be nothing more than OBJ’s people trying to goose along something that isn’t there. We will never know at this point.

Christian McCafferty receive a sizable extension a couple of days ago, and the panel talked about what that might mean for a Dalvin Cook extension. Hint… it won’t be cheap. Will Dalvin hold out if he doesn’t get one?

ESPN replayed the 2009 Vikings vs Green Bay Packers game, and it was good. That team and that season brought back some great memories and feelings. Brett Favre was amazing that year and it stirred feelings on both sides. Ted even gets into how he and Don Glover enjoyed the season together. What did you think of Favre in purple?

We hope you enjoy this type of formatted show. Dave and Ted from ‘Good Morning Gjallarhorn’, Jayson, Yinka and Myles from ‘Climbing The Pocket’, Ed from ’Skoldiers’, Nick from ‘The Pocket Protectors’, Matt from ‘In The Huddle’ and Tyler, CTPN’s newest writer, all appreciate you taking in the show. Please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics for discussion in future Round Table shows here or on Twitter. Have a great week, and as always be safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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