Vikings Interest and Visit List- 2020 NFL Draft

Vikings Interest and Visit List- 2020 NFL Draft

Well today, since I am fully in draft prep mode, I’d thought I’d update my interest/visit list. Every year I scour Twitter and the inter webs to find mention of players that the Minnesota Vikings have met with. It can be at the Shrine Bowl, East-West Game, Combine, Pro Days, and other visits. This year with COVID-19 having most travel and visits in quarantine, it has been a little different. Teams have had to adapt. We have some new documented virtual visits to add now to the list in the run up to the draft. Here is that list:

Visit Chart 20200416

This list comes in handy, along with my stair step charts to see where the Vikings are focused. They tend to take about 2/3rds of their draftees from the players that visit in some way or another.

Here is the stair step chart [a cascading chart] of the updated interest list placed by round as the Athletic’s Draft Guide forecasts them. This is done for ease and gives you a general idea where each of these players will go or are valued. This is great for following along during the draft.

Visits Draft Chart by Round

We can definitely see where the Vikings are focused early.

Thursday night during round 1, make sure that you follow the Climbing The Pocket Network for the Good Morning Gjallarhorn Live draft show Dave, Ted and Drew put this all together with a few beers, Chris Gates from the Daily Norseman and other special guests in what should should be the most fun night of the week. Join us! Link below:

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