Vikings vs 49ers – GMG Preview Show Divisional Round Special

Vikings vs 49ers – GMG Preview Show Divisional Round Special

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Vikings vs 49ers - GMG Preview Show Divisional Round Special

Vikings vs 49ers… Good morning Horners! The Vikings are in the San Francisco area getting ready to take on the #1 seed 49ers in what we all hope is another momentum gathering affair. Ted, Drew and Dave will break down what should be ‘the’ game of 2019/20. There were things that we took from the marvelous win over the Saints that can be applied to this game. We all hope Mike Zimmer has more up his coaching sleeve to confuse and confound Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo. We’re ready for the game. Are you?

Ted talks about how he thinks the victory in New Orleans might just be that piece that mentally pushes Kirk Cousins over the top, from the QB that can’t win the big one, to one that he now has the confidence and skills to win from here on out. With heavy doses of Dalvin Cook looking to run against one of the few 49er weaknesses, their run defense, to Kirk hitting Adam Thielen or Stefon Diggs over and under to make a safety to commit leaving the other open, and to generate time eating drive ending in scores, and lots of them. The veterans on the defense stepping up, not being overwhelmed by the atmosphere and playing their best because they have been to the playoffs before. They know what this game means, not only for advancing but to each other and to the fans.

Drew runs another round of his trivia challenges and this one focuses on 1987, the year the Vikings beat the #1 49ers headed by Joe Montana. Anthony Carter had a career day that day and the Vikings advanced. We all hope that is the case Saturday. Plus, you can’t miss Drew’s story at the end. He was there at the ’87 game, and the tales of glory and hilarity are priceless. what a better way to start your game day than laughing at such a great day.

Get ready to rock and roll, and as Everyone Griffen says it, “Go Get It!”

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! GO VIKINGS!

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