Skoldiers – 069 – Playoff Preview

Skoldiers – 069 – Playoff Preview

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 069 - Playoff Preview

Vikings – Playoffs Overview


Thielen and Dalvin will play but not at 100% IMO

Indoor game and not at primetime

I think we’ll need 28 at a minimum to win

Run and Pass should both be possible on this leaky injured defense


Special Teams

Bailey is on fire

Have all the confidence in the world in him for FGs

Colquitt will play a big role

Field position is MASSIVE



Have to play their best game of the year

They are clicking right now but it has to be even better

Kendricks should play

Will need him to cover Kamara and Cook

Cook scares me the most because he’s extremely athletic and has been clicking with Brees of late

Maybe we’ll see the Rhodes of old. Michael Thomas should bring out the best in him for a 1on1 matchup

Try to get pressure – get those hands up

Tipping the quick passes could lead to TOs

Make Brees uncomfortable

He’s old / not nimble / could get jumpy if we can hit him hard early


Stefanski needs to have his best game ever. The scheme needs to be right – cannot have the Chicago / GB bullcrap.

Zim needs to focus his defense and bring out all the stops. Unique blitzes and trick plays. Leave it all on the field.

Be ready for anything from Payton. Always be ready for fake punts / kicks.

NO Preview

They’ve won 6 of their last 7 and are averaging over 36 ppg in those games

Only loss was 46-48 in the game of the year to SF

Also run for over 100 in 6 of 7 (95 in the other)

Kamara having a down season

Scored twice week 3 and then nothing until the last two weeks

4 TDs the last two weeks

Gaining confidence at the right time

Brees playing at elite level

Only sacked 12 times

8 of those in ATL/LAR losses (0 sacks in SF game)

Only 4 INTs

Elite completion percentage at 74.3%

Gets rid of it quickly and accurately

Michael Thomas

149 catches

3 shallowest catch depth in the NFL

Plays into the quick pass with his ability to get open quick and his length


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Climbing The Pocket

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