Vikings vs Bear 2 – GMG Preview Show

Vikings vs Bear 2 – GMG Preview Show

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Vikings vs Bear 2 - GMG Preview Show

Vikings vs Bears… Good morning Horners! In this preview show, Ted, Drew and Dave discuss whether or not resting Vikings starters going into the game against the Bears is the right choice. As reported on Daily Norseman, the team plans to rest a bunch of them including Kirk Cousins. Since the this game means nothing in seeding going into Wild Card weekend with the Vikes locked into the 6th seed win, lose or draw, what are the arguments for and against playing the game like a preseason game and getting the starters at least some time?

Drew found some interesting numbers about the Bears over the last three games. As he says, it is more of an explanation more than anything, and it needs fixed if the Vikings hope to win in the future. The offensive line will have to be schemed properly if the team hopes to have success against good defensive front sevens, and guess what? That is exactly what they’ll be seeing in the playoffs.

Even though the Vikings are locked into the last spot in the NFC playoffs, the other teams will still have to play out on Sunday to see where the Vikes will be going to play. Enjoy your game day Sunday and always enjoy your friends, good food, beverage of choice, and this time of year. GO VIKINGS! Let’s win this game!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! GO VIKINGS!

You can follow GMG hosts Dave at @Luft_Krigare and Ted at @purplebuckeye. Unfortunately, Drew is behind the power curve and doesn’t have a Twitter handle… yet.

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