Skoldiers – 067 – Bye Week Buzz

Skoldiers – 067 – Bye Week Buzz

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 067 - Bye Week Buzz

NFC State of the Union

NFC East

Dallas 6-5

Philly 5-6

Giants 2-9

Washington 2-9

NFC West

49ers 10-1

Seattle 9-2

Rams 6-4 playing tonight

Cards 3-7-1

NFC South

New Orleans 9-2

Carolina 5-6

TB 4-7

Atlanta 3-8

NFC North

Vikings 8-3

GB 8-3

Chicago 5-6

Detroit 3-7-1

If Baltimore beats the Rams tonight the playoffs are damn near set for the NFC. Goes to show you have an “elite” up and coming coach in McVay who goes from the Super Bowl and damn near winning it to out of the playoffs. NFL is a crazy league.

Vikings control their destiny for the North

@SEA and GB at home are toughest games. CHI has been a problem with that defensive front.

GB has @MIN as their toughest game. @NYG, WAS, CHI, @MN, @DET

Cannot see GB losing one of those other games unfortunately.

Dallas should win the East

BUF(8_3), @CHI(5-6), LAR(6-4+), @PHI(5-6), WAS(2-9)

New Orleans will win the South

@ATL(3-8), SF(10-1), IND(6-5), @TEN(6-5) @CAR(5-6)


@BAL(8-2), @NO(9-2), ATL(3-8), LAR(6-4), @SEA(9-2)


MIN(8-3), @LAR(6-4+), @CAR(5-6), AZ(3-7-1), SF(10-1)

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Climbing The Pocket

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