Vikings Bye Week – A GMG Special Part 2

Vikings Bye Week – A GMG Special Part 2

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Vikings Bye Week - A GMG Special Part 2

Vikings Bye Week… Good morning Horners! Your Minnesota Vikings are on their bye week watching other teams play and are hopefully recovering and mending injuries in the run up to the post season, but first onto the Seattle Seahawks. Chris Gates guests on the show and breaks down what Mike Zimmer and the team need to do to get a win next Monday Night. Ted worries about CenturyLink Field and Drew about Russell Wilson versus the Vikings secondary. Are you concerned?

Ted leads us in segment where everyone names the best players at different positions on the team. Many positions he excludes a player, like, “who is the best QB in Vikings history not named Fran Tarkenton?” This trip down memory lane, or better than that, the team’s and fans’ heritage, is that the answers range in some cases from old school Bobby Bryant being the best CB to new school Harrison Smith being the best safety [not named Paul Kraus]. How would you answer these questions? Who do you think were the best in their positions?

At the end, we pay tribute to Fred Cox, for those that don’t know was Pro Bowl kicker and all time leading scorer for the Vikings. Drew has a fantastic story of watching him in a blustery New York against the Giants, make an almost impossible kick that will have you busting up laughing. As many know, or maybe not so many, Fred invented probably the all time perfect toy too, the Nerf football. Here’s to you Fred!

It is Thanksgiving week and the Vikings are 8-3 and the drive into the playoffs is on the horizon. There is plenty to smile about, so do. Enjoy family, friends, good food, and even better times, and as always, be safe and GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

You can follow GMG hosts Dave at @Luft_Krigare and Ted at @purplebuckeye. Unfortunately, Drew is behind the power curve and doesn’t have a Twitter handle… yet. You can also follow Chris at @DailyNorseman, and why wouldn’t you if you use Twitter.

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