Skoldiers – 064 – Less is Moore

Skoldiers – 064 – Less is Moore

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Skoldiers - 064 - Less is Moore

Mike and Ed take a look around the league, the North Face, and break down a frustrating loss to Kansas City

Around the League

Dolphins are tanking – or maybe not, iunno

Steelers are fighting – 8-8 might make AFC wildcard

Seahawks get about all they can handle from Tampa Bay

Wow… Browns gotta figure something out

Ravens prove that the Patriots have had an extremely soft first 8 games

Also, Lamar Jackson is ridiculous

The North Face

They all lost

Raiders win slugfest v Detroit – Raiders also fighting for playoffs

Bears lose to Eagles – Eagles making a run?

Chargers SHOCK the Packers… get it… SHOCK

Green Bay has a lot of talent but small margin of error remaining for them – not nearly as good as their record indicates

North is still open, but missed opportunity

2 team race – Vikings and PAckers

Vikings – Kansas City Recap

Complete systematic failure of a loss


Adam Thielen re aggravated injury – Shut him down til after bye?

Offensive play-calling was abysmal

Was Dalvin Cook even in uniform?

Laquon Treadwell – 3 / 5 – 58 yards, best game as a pro – 90+ PFF grade

OL was Dominated all day by backups

Kirk Cousins failed when his number was called – He’s not why we lost, but he had a chance to take us to a win

Special Teams

Dan Bailey misses XP that proved critical – meant being up by 4 versus 3 late in a battle of FGs

Shanked punt by Britton Colquitt didn’t help at the end


Big plays were a problem

Trae Waynes was TORCHED by Tyreek Hill constantly

DL dominated point of attack, forcing fumbles and sacks

OF COURSE Kansas City sets a longest rushing TD record against the Vikings

I really don’t understand the coverage anymore – it’s a problem

Dallas (SNF) Predictions

Iunno man – we’ll be in the building at least

4 of next 7 are prime time games – Kirk better figure out these big games quickly – Maybe the coaching staff as well?

My preseason prediction was 11-5 (off-air) losing to KC, and 6-3 at this point in the season… At least we’re on schedule for that


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Climbing The Pocket

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