Vikings vs Lions – GMG Preview Show

Vikings vs Lions – GMG Preview Show

Climbing The Pocket
Climbing The Pocket
Vikings vs Lions - GMG Preview Show

Vikings vs Lions… Good morning Horners! Here is your Good Morning Gjallarhorn Preview Show. The Minnesota Vikings travel to battle the Detroit Lions for a noon central NFC North division contest. Both teams are 0-2 in the division and even though the outcome of the game may not preclude making the playoffs, it definitely make winning the less likely. That is why this game is important.

Kirk Cousins has come off two very good performances vs the Giants and Eagles where he has thrown for over 300 yards and cotton Stefon Diggs involved and producing. Will that continue? This game lines up to favor Dalvin Cook, Alexander Mattison and the run game with the Lions defense being the weakest against the run, but through previous action, the Honolulu Blue has also given up pass production. This game is looking to be one of those almost perfect splits between run and pass unless the Vikings jump out by 21 points. Kevin Stefanski should always start Kirk with some quick passes early to get his confidence up and in rhythm. He does that and the whole game plan opens up including Cook and Mattison having a big game.

Drew talks about how Matthew Stafford seems to be playing well and not making his “traditional” bone-head mistakes this season. Matt Patricia and Darrell Bevell indeed have him maxing out his abilities and minimizing his flaws, but the team has had some head scratching results either caused by their play or poor officiating. The Lions lost to the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night in what we saw as an extremely questionable officiated game. There are questions as to whether as fans, we’ll see “makeup calls” in this game? That is easy to take out of the equation though by the Vikings dominating and taking a big lead.

Ted knocks another round of Drew’s Trivia, Vikings and Lions edition, out of the park like Jared Allen chasing Dan Orlovsky outside of the endzone, and the show ends with a Don Glover story. Did you know that Ted wanted to be a US Marine? Neither did we. Plenty of laughs will get you going for this one.

We hope you’re ready for a great Sunday and as always, GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

You can follow GMG hosts Dave at @Luft_Krigare and Ted at @purplebuckeye. Unfortunately, Drew is behind the power curve and doesn’t have a Twitter handle… yet.

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