Skoldiers – 060 – Windy City Washout

Around the League Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints beat the Cowboys in primetime  Buccaneers hang 55 at LA RAMS Browns drop 40 at Baltimore – both teams 2-2 Daniel Jones moves Giants to 2-2  The North Face Eagles secure big win at Lambeau against Green Bay Chiefs edge out the Lions late Lions lose the game or Pat Mahomes win it?  Vikings – Bears Recap Special Teams Britton Colquitt looked great Dan Bailey didn’t miss Had a chance on the onside kick Offense Dalvin Cook struggled – 35 yards on 14 carries Kirk Cousins was bad again. What can we do… he has to figure it out Adam Thielen had 2 catches for 6 yards on 6 targets Cousins missed him on a deep ball Stefon Diggs had inflated stats this game – left the locker room in full pads and hasn’t spoke to the media in a couple weeks Cousins was under pressure a lot, but when he had time he acted like he didn’t.  Too many check downs 3rd and 18 and you toss it 3 yards. WTF. Riley Reiff was atrocious  Garrett Bradbury missed a big block on a screen and graded poorly again The Offensive Line is an issue again. How can we work around this?  WHY DID THEY KEEP TRYING TO RUN THE MIDDLE?  Did Kyle Rudolph play?  Only had 4 attempts beyond 10 yards Defense Once again gave up points right away but then settled in a little bit.  Couple of costly penalties again Just couldn’t tackle Chase Daniels. We got close but could not close.  Giants Predictions Daniel Jones looks good. Big test for him against the best defense he’ll have seen in his 3 weeks.  No Saquon Barkley but Wayne Gallman looks solid nonetheless.  Vikings offense needs to figure it out Have to find a way to get a road win and get the season on track

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